The boy who cried wolf
One of those days when we all felt that we need to try something new and refreshing. A challenge. We decided to go to the Ubisoft 24-hour Gamejam and see what we can create during the given time.
Scout for Danger!
In this 5 minute experience game, you play the role of the proverbial little boy, in charge of protecting the village from the Big Bad Wolf.
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Finding the Big Bad Wolf requires some attention to details. You only have a handful of hints about him which are gathered in your hand-book throughout your attempts.
Project Details

Name: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Release Date: 11.07.2017

Online: PLAY

Anybody can be the Wolf. At the same time, not all the shapes that are similar, are necessarily him. In your attempts, you need a keen eye and a good nose for trouble to spot the different shapes the Wolf might take, while avoiding throwing accusations at the villagers.
There are 3 levels of difficulty in the game. Keep in mind that the game was made in under 24 hours from scratch. No assets were used, except the sound-design. Unfortunately the day was far too sunny to record thunderstorms and rain.

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